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HCV Occupancy Specialist - Cleveland Housing Authority

Housing Choice Voucher Occupancy Specialist
Cleveland Housing Authority (CHA) is accepting applications for the position of Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Occupancy Specialist. This responsible administrative work involves the initial application and annual re-examination of families in the HCV program. The incumbent is responsible for taking applications and interviewing applicants for housing and maintaining a waiting list of those determined to be eligible for assistance. Additional responsibilities include briefing sessions, conducting annual and interim re-examinations, and other related property management activities.

The successful candidate needs to be well organized; detail oriented, and possesses the ability to multitask. Previous property management experience and familiarity with HCV programs is a plus; Graduation from an accredited four-year high school supplemented with course work in business administration.

Send resume and cover letter to:
Cleveland Housing Authority
PO Box 2846
Cleveland, TN 37320-2846
Attn: Paul Dellinger, Executive Director
Fax: 423-339-5984

Nature of Work
This is responsible technical and administrative work assisting with the coordination of the Housing Choice Voucher program in accordance with existing HUD regulations and guidelines. Activities associated with the job include assisting with executing and maintaining housing leases between property owners and residents, calculating rents, maintaining data to support established utility allowances, conducting annual interviews with residents, inspecting residents' units, and assisting with the coordination of monthly payments to property owners. Additional responsibilities include assisting with contract administration activities for a project based housing complex, assisting with rent reasonableness studies, and assisting with the electronic transmission of various HUD required reports and data. Job responsibilities require good organizational, interpersonal, and decision-making skills, knowledge of the Housing Choice Voucher program regulations, good accounting and mathematical skills and dedicated attention to detail. Job performance is evaluated by the Housing Choice Voucher Manager through review of the accuracy and timeliness of required reports and financial transactions, organizational, interpersonal, and decision-making skills, knowledge of program rules and regulations and level of administrative support provided for the Housing Choice Voucher program. Job duties are also subject to annual independent and HUD audits.

Illustrative Examples of Work

  • Assists with receiving and processing applications from individuals and families requesting rental assistance.
  • Assists with contacting area employers and governmental agencies to establish proof of income and citizenship status.
  • Assists with conducting criminal background checks on applicants to determine eligibility for housing assistance.
  • Assists with executing housing leases between eligible housing applicants and property owners participating in the rental assistance program.
  • Assists with contacting prospective and/or current property owners to negotiate rents and schedule inspections.
  • Calculates rental payments and utility allowances in accordance with local fair market rents for various bedroom sizes based upon applicant income.
  • Maintains ledgers, files, and other documents in support of program activities.
  • Assists with running initial reports and making corrections prior to processing rental payments for property owners.
  • Assists with transmitting electronic reports and data including the 50059 family reports and SEMAP utilizing the HUD PIC system.
  • Assists with receiving, investigating, and resolving res ident and/or landlord issues pertaining to housing conditions, maintenance needs and/or lease violations.
  • Assists with conducting briefing sessions for groups of eligible applicants to provide information about rental assistance programs.
  • Assists with contract administration activities for a fifty-unit project-based housing complex.
  • Assists with the portability of incoming and outgoing families who wish to transfer their vouchers.
  • Refers residents and applicants to appropriate community resource programs for assistance when necessary.
  • Assists with eviction proceedings for failure to comply with program regulations and/or lease provisions.
  • Assists with conducting move-in, annual, and move-out inspections.
  • Assists with conducting annual interviews with existing residents and updating resident information as required.
  • Assists with organizing and maintaining all program required/related records and files.
  • Assists with conducting annual rent reasonableness and utility allowance studies.
  • Remains current on assisted housing regulations, landlord tenant law and related issues.
  • Performs related duties as required.

Necessary Requirements of Work
Graduation from an accredited two-year college or university with major course work in public or business administration, social services, or related field, preferably supplemented with experience in property inspection and management; experience working with the public; good organizational, interpersonal and decision making skills; considerable knowledge of the Housing Choice Voucher program; good accounting and/or bookkeeping skills; sufficient strength and agility to perform the physically demanding aspects of the job in a variety of weather conditions; or any equivalent combination of education and experience to provide the following critical knowledge, abilities, and skills:

  • Considerable knowledge of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Housing Choice Voucher program regulations and guidelines including SEMAP indicators.
  • Considerable knowledge the current Tennessee Landlord/Tenant Law, local housing ordinances, and local housing building codes.
  • Considerable knowledge of current HUD Housing Quality Standards (HQS).
  • Considerable knowledge of basic accounting procedures and financial record keeping methods and procedures.
  • Ability to develop and maintain effective relationships with support staff, residents, service providers and the public.
  • Ability to plan and organize daily activities and meet all established deadlines and reporting requirements.
  • Ability to accurately and consistently perform basic arithmetic computations.
  • Ability to make independent decisions in accordance with established rules and regulations and to apply these decisions in a fair and consistent manner.
  • Ability to maintain detailed financial and narrative records in an organized and accessible manner.
  • Ability to perform the physically demanding aspects of the job in all types of weather conditions.
  • Ability to express ideas effectively both orally and in writing and make effective group presentations.
  • Ability to utilize computer software packages including word processing and spreadsheet applications and housing authority specific software programs.
  • Ability to perform the physically demanding aspects of the job in a variety of weather conditions including housing inspections and related activities.
  • Skill in the operation of motor vehicles.

Necessary Special Requirements

  • Must possess a valid Tennessee driver's license and be insurable by the Cleveland Housing Authority's automobile liability carrier.
  • Must be a Certified Assisted Housing Manager or obtain certification within one year of employment.
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