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In our commitment to the TAHRA Mission Statement, and as a service to our members and affiliates, you can advertise job opportunities here. If you have a job opening that you would like posted on this website please:

Email a Word document or PDF of the job description. Be sure to include:

  • Detailed job description.
  • Contact information where candidates can directly apply for the position.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program Coordinator - Oak Ridge Housing Authority (posted 7/30/21)


  • TAC (9/22/20-9/22/21) ext to 2050 until new sold
  • HAI Group (10/01/21 - 10/01/22)
  • Gary Minor (9/15/20-9/15/21) ext to 2050 until new sold
  • Brooks Jeffrey Marketing (forever)
  • Trimen Computer (9/10/21- 9/10/22)