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TDHA Disaster Relief Housing Credits

The Tennessee Development and Housing Agency received $4.8M in Disaster Relief Housing Credits which will be allocated directly to Bradley, Davidson, Hamilton, Putnam, and Wilson counties.


Multifamily Programs will offer a separate funding round for these housing credits beginning in April with an application deadline of June 11, 2021.


THDA will allocate at the highest scoring application in each county by alphabetical order.


If these housing credits are exhausted before all counties are served, THDA will forward allocate 2022 housing credits to the remaining highest scoring application in each county.


It is possible that unsuccessful applications from the competitive housing credit round closing March 3, 2021 located in any of these counties may be considered in this separate round. 


For this round, new construction applications may be located in a QCT and the development may propose an additional 10% in development costs. Multifamily Programs will be issuing a comment request for the Disaster Relief Housing Credits later today; please review the memo and submit comments as necessary.


PHAs are encouraged to apply for these housing credits.


For more information please visit the TDHA website

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