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Paula Ledford Retires from Dyersburg Housing Authority

Paula Ledford began her career at Dyersburg Housing Authority in 1974, and became the ED in 1988 serving for more than 46 years. She has been dedicated in development of housing and the provision of services in six counties located in northwest TN. Paula served on PHADA's Board of Trustees for 24 years and has been involved in TAHRA and SERC-NAHRO. She retired June 30th, and stated that "it has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience to serve the communities."

Beverly Murley has been hired as Executive Director at Dyersburg HA. She began working at DHA under the direction of Paula Ledford in 1989. Beverly has extensive knowledge and experience in the housing industry, and was previously employed by Jackson HA for many years. DHA's Board of Commissioners felt that Beverly's history and experience with DHA and JHA will be beneficial in the future provision of affordable housing.

Paula Ledford

  • Brooks Jeffrey Marketing (forever)
  • Tsunami (12/8/22 - 12/8/23)
  • Trimen Computer (11/23/2022- 11/23/23)
  • Ledford Engineering (9/17/20-1/30/2024)
  • Hiscall (5/24/23-5/31/24)