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East Tennessee HA's Come Together for REAC/NSPIRE Training

On June 8th, Morristown Housing Authority hosted a REAC/NSPIRE Training in its Community Room.  

Several East Tennessee HA's came together to attend the training including: Jefferson City Housing Authority, Newport Housing Authority, Sevierville Housing Authority, Loudon Housing Authority, Dayton Housing Authority & Knoxville's Community Development Corporation (KCDC). 

John Emery of USIG presented excellent information in regard to the transition from REAC to NSPIRE inspection protocols. Informative, easy to follow hand-outs were provided to all attendees making it a successful event for all Housers in attendance. 

Attendees sitting at a desk listening to the presentation

  • Brooks Jeffrey Marketing (forever)
  • Ledford Engineering (9/17/20-1/30/2024)
  • Tsunami (12/8/22 - 12/8/23)
  • Hiscall (5/24/23-5/31/24)
  • Trimen Computer (11/23/2022- 11/23/23)