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TAHRA Members Visit Tennesee General Assembly Members

On March 24-25, 2024 members of TAHRA met in Nashville for the annual Legislative Day on the Hill where members planned and met with their district General Assembly members. The purpose of the event is for TAHRA members to personally meet their district representatives and advocate for issues surrounding public housing.

On the first day, TAHRA members met at the Cordell Hull Legislative building where State Representative Dale Carr of Sevierville, Tennessee (12th district) spoke to the group about various housing-related bills being discussed within the legislature. After the meeting attendees went to dinner as a group in downtown Nashville.

On day two members again met at the Cordell Hull Legislative building where we organized and planned meetings with our individual general assembly members and coordinated how the group would pass out the souvenir mints to all General Assembly members. 

A mint box with text that reads Est. 1939, TAHARA Tennessee Association of Housing and Redevelopment Authorities

TAHRA's government partners, Harris Frazier Government Relations, arranged for TAHRA members to attend and be recognized at the House Local Government Committee meeting. Later in the day, the group was invited to attend the House and Senate business session where some of the TAHRA members were personally recognized by their elected representative.

All in all, the 2024 TAHRA Day on the Hill was positive and successful. We were seen, we were heard and we were recognized. That is what advocacy is all about.

The TAHRA Legislative Committee would like to thank all members that attended the 2024 Legislative Day on the Hill but some need special recognition for their help to organize the event. Christi Billings (Covington Housing Authority), Alex Gillespie (Lawrenceburg Housing Authority), Mac Podlesney and Meagan Frazier with Harris Frazier Government Relations and Gena Burden (Union City Housing Authority).

Group of well-dressed men and women smiling and seated in a room.

2024 TAHRA Day on the Hill (Nashville)

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